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5 Insider Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

In either a bathroom or a Kitchen, It’s easy to say what mistakes were made with a renovation after the event. Whether it takes the form of materials, such as tiles or storage or lighting.

Here at Simply Bathroom Solutions, there’s clarity and a direction from the outset of the design process, well before a schematic takes shape.

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Storage is more than just somewhere to put your stuff

Storage should be at eye level, unless of course it’s in a kitchen where less-used items are located. When it comes to bathroom vanities, they need to be well designed, sturdy, and as equally well constructed with European drawer runners providing for ease of movement. After all, nobody enjoys opening a cheap-and-nasty bathroom drawer, only to find that the runners are falling apart and the drawer is barely holding on

It’s easy to open a drawer when there’s nothing in it, but unless you’re living in a display home, that’s rarely, if at all, the case. Drawers in bathroom vanities, rather than cupboards, also improve storage and accessibility. If you have kids, or tend to close the drawers with a bit of enthusiasm – Soft close drawer slides might also go a long way.

Lighting makes a room

Lighting, both the type and where it’s positioned in either a kitchen or a bathroom, is often overlooked, or at best given cursory attention. However, lighting can change the entire mood and feel of a space, and if it’s not given the attention it deserves, can make simple tasks feel like a chore.

So, if you are looking at lighting for a bathroom, is it wise to install LED lights directly above? Or is a little bit of light behind a floating mirror more suitable.

In a kitchen however, LED lights above a bench are considerably more appropriate, particularly when you’re chopping up vegetables of an evening.

It’s time to think about tiles

The word ‘quality’ is often bandied about, but when it comes to selecting tiles, whether for floors or walls, it’s advisable to go with quality tiles. And by quality, we truly mean tiles that will still look great in years to come.

For example, a chalky-finished tile may give you that slightly rustic look, but it’s often difficult to clean and simply appears as tired soon after it’s installed.

A tile with a high-quality glaze, whether a matt or polished finish, is in comparison easy to clean and always looks good. And although glistening white tiles as seen in magazines may look great on that glossy front cover or in highly edited images online – these kinds of tiles need constant cleaning. So if you’re someone who has children or a busy life, you’ll likely be much better off opting for something darker.

And when it comes to tiles, a sense of cohesion goes a long way

Sometimes, particularly in smaller bathrooms, it’s advisable to go with the same wall and floor tile – a 10-millimetre porcelain tile used on both surfaces allows a space to feel considerably larger.

What about tapware?

It’s tempting to select tapware according to the latest trends going around, and while it may be appealing to be the first to use the newest tapware on the market, you should be asking yourself a few questions.

will it last for years to come, and not be fraught with leaks? Will it still match up to my expectations when it’s no longer the latest style of tapware?

With supply chains being affected, Simply Bathroom Solutions suggests going with high- quality Australian-made taps, such as those produced by Brodware, Faucet Strommen and Par Taps – all with a reliable sales service and readily available parts.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Which mirror is the greatest of them all? Well, if you want advice from an expert – prioritise function over aesthetics, and the aesthetics will come.

A smoked finished mirror in a bathroom may give you that ethereal quality you are looking for, but will it allow you to put on your makeup or see that your teeth are clean? If you want a crisp image which most people require – particularly first thing in the morning – then go for function, and think about where a mirror should be placed and its appropriate scale, and not simply as a means to create a different perspective in a space.

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