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Simply Bathroom Solutions Process.

Follow our no stress process steps to build your dream space.

Phase 1.

Client Consultation.

Our first meeting with you is an in-home consultation where we get to know you, listen to your ideas, learn from you what you dislike about your current space and what is on your wish list.

We want to hear all your ideas to get a good understanding of what you or your family may need. Your space is measured and photographed. Once we develop a vision of what your new bathroom, kitchen or renovation we can set to and start creating your new design concept.

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Phase 2.

Design and Presentation.

Developing the design concept is where we take all those ideas discussed in the initial design meeting and create spaces for you that you’re sure to love. We research and brainstorm ideas to achieve a design that exceeds your expectation.  You will be presented a 3D render of your bathroom, kitchen, or internal spaces, whereby we walk through the design together making any adjustments required.
Once you are ready to proceed. The next stage is the exciting part, we assist you throughout the selection process, selecting tiles, cabinetry colour and finishes, stone bench tops, tapware and paint colours. Checking sizes of product to make sure they are suitable for your new design. Our company show room has an extensive range of finishes, bathware and tiles, it takes the headache out of going from shop to shop.

Phase 3.

Planning & Building Inspection.

Creativity and design meet planning and construction. Your designer will walk our builder through your project working together to improve any areas that need further attention. Last tweaking of plans is made, working drawings and building contract are raised and if required a building permit, engineering or planning permit documentation is collated and submitted.

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Phase 4.


This is where our clients get to see how their designs start to come to life. Our project manager has been working in the background organising and planning your build. Our professional tradesmen are highly skilled with a keen eye for detail, nothing is overlooked. We pride ourselves in working with a trade team that continues to have a reputation for not only be highly skilled but are tidy and respectful.

As the build develops, we meet with you regularly to walk through your project adjusting elements that ensures your dream bathroom, kitchen or renovation is delivered.

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Phase 5.

Finishing: The Details.

This is the most exciting time of your building process. The phase you have been dying to see. All the small details start coming together as the finishing touches are finalised.

Your site and newly renovated space is cleaned and presented, ready for you and your family to enjoy.

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