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We design, build, and create beautiful residential spaces for our clients.

With 75 years of renovation experience between the three directors, Mark Van Keeken, Troy Freeman and Liz Staynor, Simply Bathroom Solutions understands what it takes to deliver the appropriate solution.

While the company has established a reputation for designing new kitchens and bathrooms, it also is recognised for renovations in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, particularly in period homes – everything from early Victorian period houses, from as early as 1860, through to period homes built in the early 20th century, Californian bungalows, and in the post-war era and beyond to more recent decades.

Heritage houses, often built with double brick and with slates roofs, require a knowledge that only comes with experience – Van Keeken restored a number of period houses in Europe while Freeman is a licensed builder and carpenter who is often called upon by industry professionals requiring expert advice on difficult builds.

With designer Staynor having learnt from the ground up what can, and also what can’t, be achieved with some period homes – those in the know fully understand that period houses can be ‘stubborn’ to renovate. But even given these challenges, the result from Simply Bathrooms Solutions is quality and at a price that’s affordable.

Whether it’s a large family home or modest unit, there’s a solution that comes with knowledge and knowing the options to suggest to clients.


Full internal renovations.

We take the stress and worry out of the building process from conception through to completion. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, a Kitchen renovation, or a full remodel of your home.

Our communication is open and transparent, and our project management systems provide clients with peace of mind which results in an enjoyable building experience.

Simply Bathroom Solutions has built its reputation by providing quality craftsmanship and advanced construction methods. Understanding and respecting the construction and the age of the home is important to us and as a result clients with heritage listed homes seek out our expertise.

Put simply, our design team create tasteful and functional interiors for bathrooms and kitchens including full internal renovations. Our design team believes in a collaborative approach to home design, in which we work closely with our clients taking time to understand, capture and to find solutions for each client’s specific requests. Ensuring each bathroom, kitchen or renovation design is tailored to suit our clients’ individual tastes and needs.

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Our team sets about creating unique functional spaces with aesthetic features that bring, comfort and joy to every client enhancing their everyday lifestyle.

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