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Doncaster East


PMG Design had worked for the clients on previous projects in the home. Tricia ensured the homes colour scheme flowed into the bathrooms creating a cohesive look.  The main bathroom brief was to create a contemporary looking bathroom that opened the entire space.

Design Statement

PMG Designed redesigned the floor plan closing off one of the doors to the bedroom and removing the built-in bath enabled the large walk-in shower to be constructed.

Removing the stud walls surrounding the toilet enlarged the main bathroom floor plan allowing the toilet to be repositioned incorporating the toilet within the bathroom space.

A generous wall mounted vanity area with eye level mirrored storage cabinets answered the clients brief of maximising the bathroom storage. The redesign of the bathroom cleverly doubled its useable space without increasing its footprint.

Structural challenges

Removing the walls that enclosed each area required beams to be installed in the ceiling.

The skylight filter was removed enabling the inside the skylight to be replastered changing the filtered skylight to a well-lit light well.

The bathroom floor was 20mm out of level which was clearly visible from the bathroom door. The floor framing was needed to be addressed prior to new flooring being laid.

The outcome was two spacious, contemporary, and timeless bathrooms that met the client brief and resulted in very happy, satisfied clients.


Clients brief was to create contemporary, functional bathroom with a large walk-in shower with a built-in seat, a freestanding bath, contemporary finishes, a marble ‘hotel’ look for the ensuite and as much storage as possible.

The master ensuite vanity needed to accommodate a hidden waste bin, hidden GPO’s, lots of bench space, and feature lighting to help balance the very large bathroom.

During the design process we removed the large corner spa bath from the master ensuite and centred a freestanding bath along one wall, creating a feature marble arch mosaic behind it.

A double vanity spanning wall to wall allowed for plenty of convenient drawer storage and additional storage hidden behind mirrored wall cabinets.

Structural challenges

Client requested rebated wall to wall mirrored cabinets on a load bearing wall. Rather than rebating the mirrored cabinets which would require a building permit PMG Designs reduced the depth of the mirrored cabinets to 120mm deep, creating enough depth for storing grooming products whilst providing the opportunity to conceal power points and a magnifying makeup mirror

The double basin vanity measured 2920mm long was designed to look like it floated off the floor. Simply Bathroom Solutions builder Mark managed the project ensuring large timber blocking was installed into the wall area to allow the large span of cabinetry to be mounted securely. A narrow vanity support was constructed under the vanity to assist in supporting the weight of the large vanity unit.

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